10 things you can do on a Kindle you may not know about

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You can send documents to your Kindle device and read them on the go in between moments with your latest novel. Most of the time, the easiest way to do this is to use the Send to Kindle website—just drag your file to the page and it’ll automatically be sent to your Kindle. You can upload common file formats like PDFs, Microsoft Word, TXT, JPGs, and more, with a max file size of 200MB.

You can also use Send to Kindle from Microsoft Word. This allows you to send documents (.docx and .doc) directly from your Microsoft Word app on your desktop or browser to read and review on Kindle (Microsoft 365 subscription required). Go to File > Export (or Share) > Send documents to Kindle.

You can also send documents and web articles to your Kindle library via the mobile share sheet on iOS or Android.

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