$130 Off Mini Robot Vacuum on Amazon (Self-Empty Base, Smart Mapping, & Connects to Alexa)

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white mini robot inside self empty box on wood flooring

This deal can help you work smarter, not harder!

Through December 24th, dash over to Amazon where you can snag this SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ w/ Self Empty Base for just $369.99 shipped when you clip the $100 off digital coupon and use promo code K10USHIP at checkout!

This mini smart vacuum will completely change the way you clean your home! You’ll be able to reclaim the time you normally spend vacuuming to do the things you want to do without having to sacrifice a clean house.

Here’s the deal:

white mini robot under chairs

This mini robot is 50% smaller than other robot vacuums allowing it to clean any corner and maneuver through furniture with ease. And its impressive suction power means it can easily collect dust, food debris, cat litter, and more off of any type of flooring surface.

SwitchBot Mini Robot Vac in front of a couch with a cat laying on it

Even better, it comes with a self-emptying base and charging station! When it’s low on battery it will automatically go back to the base to recharge and then resume cleaning where it left off.

Plus, the large empty station holds up to 70 days’ worth of debris. It funnels all the debris into an easy to empty collection bag ensuring a simple cleaning experience.

view of a woman's hand holding up a SwitchBot Robot Vac

You can use the app to create a customized cleaning schedule, add restricted zones, and more! You can even control it with just your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Cleaning doesn’t get much easier than that!

white mini robot going into self empty box

Still not sold? See what this happy reviewer had to say…

This was remarkably easy to set up, and remarkably quiet too. Once you go through the setup, it connects to your wifi, and then proceeds to map out your home (by floor). It doesn’t go around bumping into everything either, because it uses Lidar to look around before moving forward. It gets temporarily stuck by chair legs or other obstacles, but in general, it just turns around until it has a new clear path.

It took about 15 minutes to roam around, mapping the downstairs floor of our house, and the Switchbot app then showed the map it created. In this phase, it uses the Lidar to map out the walls and decides where each room is, without covering every square foot – which is amazing.

It then returns by itself, back to the charging base. As soon as it starts charging, it also goes through the self-emptying process, which is when the base itself vacuums up, what the bot has collected on its travels. This is the only loud part of the process (like a stand-up vacuum), and lasts about 10 seconds.

Once mapped out, you can see how it looks in the app, and you can edit the room names in the app if you wish. After this, you can then tell it which room to go and clean, from anywhere, and it will start up, move to that room, and then clean every inch that it can, and then go back to the home station to charge, and once again, empty out into the base station. The base station itself has a lid on top, providing access to the vacuum bag, which you can then empty manually whenever it seems full.

It seems to cope well with moving between rugs and our hardwood floor, but I haven’t tested it on pure carpet. It comes with a spare brush (the side spinning one), spare bags, and cleaning cloth, and the app has the ability to set a timer-based cleaning schedule and quiet time, which allows you to basically set it and forget it, and it will start up on its own, clean up, go back to charge and empty all without you thinking about it.

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