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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2024, and Verizon’s online-only carrier, Visible, is ready to ring in the year with a pretty sweet deal. Starting now and until January 31, you can get Visible service for just $20 monthly. What’s more, you lock in that price for 24 months. That’s a terrific $20/24 month deal…hey, wait a minute! I get it now!

Get Visible for $20 each month for 24 months with code VISIBLE24

To be clear, this $20/24 deal applies to Visible’s standard plan. This would typically cost you $25 monthly, so you’re getting $5 off. However, if you stick with Visible for two years, that would mean a savings of $120 over that period, which isn’t bad. If you’d rather have Visible Plus service, you save $10 off the usual $45 bill, but $35/24 isn’t as catchy as $20/24.

The standard Visible plan gets you unlimited nationwide calls, texts, and data on Verizon’s 5G network. You also get free calls and texts to Canada and Mexico. The Visible Plus plan ups the ante by allowing for 500 monthly minutes of calls in over 30 countries, free texts globally, and 50GB of premium 5G data.

If you’re ready to lock in cheap pricing for Visible service until 2026, click the button below! Use the promo code VISIBLE24 at checkout.

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