A look at our changing workforce

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A look at how our workforce has changed over time helps us understand the impact of technology on the labor market and highlights the need for both more technical skills and an always-learning mindset. It also shows the full array of job opportunities we offer, from entry-level positions at our fulfillment centers working with robotics technology to user experience designers to data engineers, and many more.

An analysis of the evolution of Amazon job families since 2010 shows how tech positions have grown and diversified beyond software developer engineers, adding hardware engineers and industrial designers (2006), data scientists (2010), network development engineers (2014) and system development engineers (2016), among many others.

A chart showing bubbles with the growth of jobs from 2000 through 2018

Scatter plot of job growth because of Amazon by job type

Based on a review of our jobs and an analysis of hiring data of our U.S. workforce, Amazon’s fastest growing high tech jobs over the last five years include data scientist (+505%), solutions architect (+454%) and network development engineer (+214%).

Some of the fastest-growing tech jobs at Amazon, 2014 – 2018

A chart showing the fastest growing job titles at Amazon

A deep dive into non-tech roles shows that, since 2014, data mapping specialist (+832%), program manager (+259%), business analyst (+160%) and marketing professionals (+204%) are among the fastest-growing jobs at Amazon in the U.S. Highly-skilled roles across our customer fulfillment network have also experienced significant growth fueled by the introduction of Amazon Robotics and the development of our own transportation capabilities. Jobs within this field, including logistics coordinator, transportation specialist, and process improvement manager, have increased more than 400% over the last five years.

Some of the fastest-growing non-tech jobs at Amazon, 2014 – 2018

A chart showing the fastest growing non-tech jobs at Amazon

We also looked at tens of thousands of job titles, which reflect the always changing nature of our workforce as a company. The word ‘robotics’ in job titles increased by 30x since 2014 and roles with the term ‘language’—from language engineers to language data researchers—grew by 23x. People working on innovating the user experience increased by 159% and we saw a jump of 91% of job titles including the term ‘technologist’.

From 2014 – 2018, increase in number of job titles with the word:

A chart showing growth in the most common words used in job titles at Amazon.

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