Amazon expands in Redmond, WA with plans to create 600 new jobs

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At the beginning of 2020 we announced that Amazon would continue to invest in the Puget Sound Region. We have plans to create more than 15,000 jobs at our new Bellevue campus. We also shared that we are building new offices, design space, R&D labs, and prototype manufacturing facilities in Redmond to support Project Kuiper, an initiative to launch a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites that will provide low-latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved communities around the world.

Rendering of Amazon's new Redmond, WA facility

Rendering of Amazon’s new Redmond, WA facility

As part of our goal to continue to invest and create new economic opportunities in the region, we’ve secured an additional 111,000 square feet of office space in Redmond (Redmond Town Center). This new space will host tech and engineering teams supporting Amazon Web Services’ database services and will open in 2021 with capacity for more than 600 employees.

“Our new Redmond office is part of our plan to continue growing and creating jobs in the Puget Sound region,” said John Schoettler, Amazon’s vice president of global real estate and facilities. “In addition to Redmond’s strong existing talent pool and close access to our Seattle and Bellevue locations, these new facilities will also provide more flexible work options for employees, allowing us to continue our sustainable growth in the region for years to come.”

We are thrilled that Amazon has decided to create even more jobs and further invest in Redmond,” said Angela Birney, mayor of Redmond. “As we look to the future and people are able to get back to work, Amazon’s commitment to providing jobs for the community by utilizing existing talent in the Puget Sound Region will continue to strengthen Redmond’s growth and prosperity now and for years to come.”

“Amazon’s commitment to investing in Redmond and our extraordinary talent pool sends a strong message that Redmond is open for business,” said Kristina Hudson, executive director of OneRedmond. “Our city leadership is committed to cultivating an environment that brings continued opportunities for our citizens and to revitalizing Downtown Redmond for businesses and the public alike.”

“AWS finished 2019 as nearly a $40 billion run rate business and it continues to grow,” said Shawn Bice, vice president of Databases for Amazon Web Services. “We continue to build new capabilities and services at an accelerating pace to meet and anticipate customers’ needs, and you can expect us to continue to innovate and invest not only across our database services, but in other key areas like compute, storage, networking, analytics, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and so much more, in order to do so.”

Since 2010, Amazon has invested more than $38 billion in the Puget Sound Region, including infrastructure and compensation. In less than a decade, we’ve created more than 55,000 jobs in the region and we estimate that our investments have contributed to the creation of an additional 244,000 jobs on top of our direct hires.

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