Best Walgreens Digital Coupons | Score Over $53 Worth of Products for ONLY $4 After Cash Back!

November 21, 2023 | by Egpin

Best Walgreens Digital Coupons | Score Over $53 Worth of
Products for ONLY $4 After Cash Back!_655c288f8ec67.jpeg
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Walgreens digital coupons and sales make it easy to shop and save big from home!

woman holding up 3 pantene products

It’s another week of EASY savings at Walgreens with digital coupons & rewards!

Walgreens is offering awesome savings on snacks, household products, personal care items, and more using sales and high-value coupons and/or cash rewards! All of these deal ideas can be done on their own or you can give our scenarios at the bottom a try.

You may be able to use these promo codes to save even more this week!

  • WELCOME25: Extra 25% off $20 purchase for new customers (ongoing)
  • FAST10: Extra 10% off purchase (ongoing; 3 uses per account)
  • WAG10: Extra 10% off purchase (ongoing; 3 uses per account)

Check out the BEST Walgreens deals you can grab online this week:

Row of Lucky Charms cereal on a shelf at Kroger

Braun Beard Trimmer

Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 being held in a hand over a basket filled with other types of head and shoulders

placing pantene conditioner in basket

Person holding up how the Grinch stole Christmas Hershey's kisses candy bag at Walgreens

3 boxes of Complete Home Plastic Bags from Walgreens

Kraft Deluxe Frozen Mac and Cheese 12oz Box

lip liners in case at store

Check out this EASY Walgreens deal: 

Bags of Reese's Holiday Bells

girl carrying a Walgreens bag and pushing a cart

Do you have a Walgreens Booster Coupon?

Be sure to check your Walgreens coupons for Booster coupons. Some accounts have one that offers $20 in Walgreens Cash when you spend $40, $10 when you spend $25 or $5 when you spend $15 OR $10 in Walgreens Cash when you spend $1. Keep in mind you’ll need to clip the coupon BEFORE shopping to take advantage of these savings! Note that these offers can vary by account.

If you’re not receiving the weekly booster coupons, make sure to check your emails from Walgreens. I often have the booster in an email but not showing on my account until I click through the email!

Walgreens deal

Our Best Tips & Tricks When Shopping Walgreens, especially with coupon codes:

If you’re placing multiple orders this week, try to place the first order to score Walgreens Cash Rewards or Register Rewards, then use those rewards on another order to lower the cost of your second transaction and score some freebies!

Walgreens Cash Rewards can be used in increments of $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10, $20, and $50.

You can easily save Walgreens digital coupons to your account by clipping the coupon right on the product page of the item. Plus, if you forget to clip a coupon, Walgreens makes it easy and tells you one is available right next to the product at checkout. Walgreens’ digital coupon offers can vary widely by user, so your values may be a little different.

Keep in mind that there’s a $10 minimum pickup order BEFORE Walgreens digital coupons are applied.

hand holding a phone with myWalgreens app on screen

Hip Tip from Collin: Having issues placing an order online? Try the Walgreens app! We often have an easier time navigating the app for placing orders. Plus, if you place an order and parts of your order are canceled, they’ll still honor the sale prices on whatever is fulfilled.

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