BMW to build its next-generation voice experience on Alexa technology

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Ambient intelligence is core to how we invent. It’s the technology that is there when you need it and fades into the background when you don’t. It shines best in environments where people are focused on other tasks, helping them be more present in the world around them—and nowhere is this more important than in the car.

We believe that software is going to be the new horsepower for vehicles, which is why we continue to look for ways to integrate what customers love about Alexa into new personalized, proactive, and intuitive automotive experiences.

Over the last few years, we’ve been on a journey with BMW to continuously improve their customers’ experience with Alexa. We’re now excited to advance our collaboration even further with the announcement that BMW’s next-generation voice assistant will be built using our Alexa Custom Assistant solution. This will bring together what BMW does best—providing the ultimate driving experience—with the magic of Alexa, creating an entirely new experience inside the vehicle.

BMW’s next-gen voice experience, built on Alexa AI

Alexa Custom Assistant is a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for BMW and other brands and device makers to create their own custom intelligent assistant tailored to their brand personality and customer needs. It’s all built on Alexa technology, eliminating the cost and complexity of building a voice experience from the ground up.

The new BMW custom assistant, launching on the first vehicles within the next two years, will enable an even more natural dialogue between driver and vehicle. That’s especially important in the vehicle, where voice may help reduce driver distraction. BMW’s assistant will provide customers the benefits of an intelligent assistant that is a vehicle and services expert, while Alexa will provide the familiar experience many customers already know and love.

Introducing BMW’s NEW Voice Experience with Amazon Alexa Technology | Amazon News

Built with privacy in mind

Privacy is foundational to how we design and deliver every device, feature, and experience, and BMW’s new voice experience is no different. BMW shares Amazon’s commitment to maintaining our customers’ trust and protecting their privacy, including giving customers control over their data.

Delivering continuing enhancements to Alexa Custom Assistant

Since we launched Alexa Custom Assistant last year, we’ve continued to improve the solution for automakers and developers. We’re particularly excited about some of the natural language and artificial intelligence (AI) advancements we’re delivering, including the capability to effortlessly build multilingual voice personas at scale and enabling uninterrupted voice interactions even when customers are in an area without connectivity.

We’re also making it easier to create custom skills that are context-aware and proactive. This could mean a custom assistant that notices your car’s battery power is low and proactively asks if you want to locate and reserve a charging station on a new route that avoids traffic. A custom assistant could also know when your vehicle is due for a maintenance check and help set up an appointment with the dealership.

Learn more about Alexa Custom Assistant.

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