Built for business, this Dell laptop with 64GB of RAM is 35% off

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Dell Precision 5470 front angled view showing display and keyboard deck.
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While many laptops tend to be focused on consumers, there’s a whole market for more professional-oriented laptops, and in Dell’s case, those are their Precision workstations. These laptops often have a lot of high-end specs, making them perfect for everything from video editing to CAD and programming. Of course, all that power comes at a price, and while this Precision 7680 Workstation is incredibly powerful, it does usually go for an eye-watering $7,225. Luckily, there is a deal on Dell that discounts it significantly, all the way down to $4,699, so if you’ve ever wanted to own a Dell Workstation, now is your chance.

Why you should buy the Dell Precision 7680 Workstation

Starting off with the processor, this configuration of the Precision 7680 has an incredible Intel Core i9-13950HX vPro, possibly one of the most powerful processors on the market right now, and is built to handle things like complex simulations, including things like modeling aerodynamics and things of that nature. That also makes it perfect for other tasks, including things like music production, video editing, and even transcoding content when it comes to streaming. It also has 64GB of 5200MT/s CAMM memory, which is essentially professional-grade RAM that is perfect for more RAM-intensive tasks such as programming or CAD work.

On the other hand, if your workflow relies on your GPU more, then you’ll be happy to note that it comes with an NVIDIA RTX 3500, which isn’t really a gaming GPU but a professional one that’s aimed at product design, simulation, and other calculation-heavy work. As for the display, it’s 16 inches with 100% DCI-P3 coverage and 500 nits of peak brightness, that are perfect for use anywhere that doesn’t involve direct sunlight. That said, it only runs an FHD+ resolution, which might be a problem if you need to make graphical content at higher resolutions.

Overall, the Precision 7680 workstation really is a professional laptop, with some high-end gear under the hood that makes it both versatile and powerful. Even so, we do appreciate the steep discount from Dell that brings it down to $4,699 since that’s still a considerable price to pay. If you’re still on the fence and want to consider your options, be sure to check out these other great laptop deals as well.

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