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by María Wernicke, translated by Lawrence Schimel

The book cover "Some Days" features a young girl with short dark hair wearing a gray jacket on the shoulders of an adult wearing a red jacket and gray hat. They are walking through tall grass.


In this touching story of family and loss, a young girl imagines a passageway in her yard that takes her to a place of safety and love.

“In Schimel’s translation, Wernicke’s words are few but well chosen and expertly paced, the sentences split among the pages allowing for unhurried absorption of meaning. Her curved figures are solid, with cream-colored skin; straight, black hair; and short lines for eyes. No mouths are visible, a decision that adds to the contemplative aura. Subtle patterns add interest, and red—ultimately applied to the mother—signals warmth and love…A gentle model for living while missing a loved one.” Kirkus Reviews

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