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I love my two cats, Tango and Torgo, though they’re dumb as cute, purring rocks. And even though I have cat allergies, I’m never giving those furballs up. They’re family. But if, like me, you’re allergic to cat dander, something in the air around you — or you live in an area that’s becoming more prone to smoky skies from wildfires (also me) — it’s time to investigate a home air purifier. And now, for Cyber Monday, the air purifier that topped CNET’s best list is on sale. And for Cyber Monday, if you enter the code CYBER at checkout, you can pick up the BlueAir Blue Pure 311i Max for $153, down from $230 — a savings of 33%. But act now: The code expires at the end of today.

Air purifiers use technology to filter particulates out of the air, including dust, dander, allergens, viruses and other pollutants. They then recirculate cleaner air back into your living space. Our reviewers called the BlueAir Blue Pure 311i Max the “most impressive air purifier we’ve tested.” 


Our reviewer called the BlueAir’s Blue Pure 311i Max “pleasingly quiet,” so your family doesn’t need to flee the room while it’s on.

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Our review tested air purifiers in our custom-built test chamber, where we release a controlled amount of smoke into the air to see how long it takes for the purifier to get things back to normal. Of all the medium-size purifiers tested, BlueAir’s Blue Pure 311i Max came out on top at both low and high fan settings, and was described as “pleasingly quiet.” It was also the second-most energy-efficient unit in its class.

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This model won praise for its “category-leading performance for medium-size spaces in an efficient, whisper-quiet design at a reasonable price.” And now, that price is even more reasonable — but the price cut won’t last forever, so buy now if you need to clear the air.

Note that the checkout process will try to upsell you on a filter subscription, but you can uncheck that during your final checkout process.

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