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This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Even if you aren’t a homeschooler — but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny — you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. Find more free homeschool curriculum here.

free homeschool curriculum round-up

Free General Homeschool Curriculum:

Free Cheat Sheet: Learn to Think Critically and Problem Solve – Teaching your kids learn how to think through scenarios in a logical and critical manner can be tough. But building a solid foundation is key. This FREE Cheat Sheet will give you tips and ideas on how to get started.

Overwhelmed with To Do’s? Go from TO DO to DONE [Freebie!] – As a veteran homeschool mom, I’ve learned a few things you can do to maximize your time and achieve your priorities. These strategies work because they’re realistic—no “Super Mom” superpowers needed. Download for free!

Practice Good Manners Before Holiday Gatherings [Free Resource] – Do your children need to brush up on their politeness or table manners? Prepare them to respect their elders, interact politely, and more with this free list of good manners to review—designed as a beautiful, printable poster!

Study Smart with a Flexible Plan (Free Schedule Template) – Do your students seem aimless and distracted during study sessions? Help them minimize procrastination and maximize study time with this free daily schedule printable!

free study schedule

Free Early Learning Printables:

Fish Fine Motor Skill Worksheets – If you have some dot markers lying around, your kids will have fun with these FREE printable fish dot art pages. If not, try using some circle stickers!

Orange Activity Pages – Whether learning about the color or the fruit, don’t miss these FREE printable orange themed activity pages! Head over now to download and print yours.

Months of the Year Worksheets – My kids learned the months of the year with a fun song. Add these to your morning routine to help kids learn the months of the year!

Letter M Coloring Pages – Learn all about the letter “M” with these FREE printable coloring pages. They also include some handwriting practice to hone those fine motor skills.

Letter L Coloring Pages – Hearing beginning sounds can be hard for some kids. These practice pages for the letter “L” are a great starting point. They include coloring pages, activities and even some handwriting practice.

free writing activity homeschool curriculum

Free Christmas & Winter Themed Homeschool Curriculum:

Christmas-Inspired Creative Writing Exercise (Freebie!) – No prep required for this fun and festive Christmas writing exercise. Just grab a pen and paper, set a timer, and have fun!

Christmas Addition Pages – Little ones will enjoy working on their addition skills with these fun Christmas themed practice worksheets. These are perfect elementary aged kids. Head over to get yours today!

Elf Fine Motor Worksheets – Do you have elf fans in your house? These adorable do-a-dot worksheets are fun way to help your littles with their fine motor skills adding a Christmas twist.

Christmas Letter Worksheets – If you’re working on beginning sounds, these super cute Christmas themed first letter worksheets are a fun find! Download yours absolutely FREE today.

Build A Snowman Activity – Don’t live where there’s snow? No problem! This Build A Snowman activity is perfect for those days when its too cold or for those that live where it isn’t cold at all.

Christmas Tree Drawing Pages – Learn how to draw a Christmas tree or a wreath with these step-by-step drawing pages. They are perfect for any budding artist.

Christmas Color and Trace Worksheets – Practice handwriting and coloring skills with these FREE printable Christmas Color and Trace worksheets.

Gingerbread Man Color by Number Pages – Do your kids know the story of the Gingerbread Man? Or maybe they enjoy making gingerbread cookies? Then your little ones are sure to love these color by number worksheets!

Christmas Handwriting Worksheets – Writing prompts are a great way to help kids tap into their own creativity. Use these FREE printable Christmas handwriting worksheets for a fun twist to their usual practice.

Winter Fun Count and Fun Worksheets – Combine their “spy” skills with a little early math practice using these FREE printable counting and graphing pages. The winter theme is fun and whimsical too!

Winter Themed Bookmarks – Settle in with a good book, a sluffy blanket, and these fun bookmarks! Print these and let your readers color and decorate their own bookmarks. Then laminate them to use over and over!

new year coloring pages

Free Coloring Printables:

New Year Coloring Activity – New Year’s Eve and Day are usually pretty busy for most people. Use these FREE printable coloring pages to start off the new year, occupy your kids during the festivities, or just for fun as you ring in the new year.

Rainforest Coloring and Drawing Page – Have you ever visited a rainforest? I’ve visited a couple and several at different zoos as well. They are such a unique ecosystem. This fun coloring page would make a great addition to your rainforest studies.

Farm Animal Coloring Pages – Take a trip to the farm with these FREE and printable coloring pages. These are perfect for all your early learners.

Vegetable Coloring Pages – Do your kids know their vegetables? If you’re learning about different food groups, or maybe starting a garden, these Vegetable themed coloring pages would be a fun activity to add.

free Canada homeschool curriculum printables

Free Math, Science & Geography Homeschool Curriculum:

Canada Worksheets – Whether you live in Canada, are planning a visit, or just want to learn more about it, these FREE printable worksheets are a great starting point. Get yours today!

Owl Investigation Bundle – Are you studying owls? Purchase your own owl pellet kit, download these FREE worksheets, and start learning about this amazing and fascinating creature!

Ocean Multiplication Puzzle – If you’re learning about the ocean, throw in some themed math practice with these FREE Ocean themed Multiplication puzzles. Head over now to download yours.

STEM Snow Activity Printables – Make your own fake snow with these three super-easy recipes, then determine which is the most realistic. Record your experiment results using the free printables.Snow Melting Experiment Worksheet – Early learners will enjoy this easy STEM snow experiment that teaches kids how to estimate as well how snow changes from a solid to a liquid when the temperature warms up. Includes a free printable worksheet and suggestions on what to do if you don’t have real snow.

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