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This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Even if you aren’t a homeschooler — but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny — you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. Find more free homeschool curriculum here.

Free General Homeschool Curriculum:

Christmas Advent Tags – Making a Book Advent Calendar by wrapping up your favorite Christmas books may become a new favorite nearly free tradition! Use these Christmas Advent Tags to number the packages and enjoy your kids excitement as they rediscover their favorite books again!

Gingerbread Man Fun Pack – Head over to do three fun gingerbread man crafts to prepare for a sweet Christmas holiday season. Tutorial and photos included, along with a printable pack for the younger kids.

Christmas Book Countdown – Count your way down to Christmas in December with this amazing list of 25 Christmas books! Not only will you see some beautiful book titles, but there’s a free printable for countdown tags to go with the books, too.

Winter Activities Mini Activity Pack – With winter quickly approaching, now is the time to make sure you have plenty to keep the kids occupied on those bitter cold days. Add the Winter Activities Mini Activity pack to your arsenal for some learning fun!

Free Resource for Teaching Good Manners – Do you look at our “selfie” society and wonder how to cultivate in your child’s heart love and respect for others? Prepare your ambassadors to reflect the love of Jesus with this free list of good manners—designed as a beautiful, printable—even colorable—poster!

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Free Coloring Printables:

Kentucky Coloring Pages – The 15th state added to the Union was Kentucky. Learn some fun facts and the symbols about this midwestern state with these FREE Kentucky Coloring Pages. Keep themse as mini resources too!

Safari Drawing Coloring Page – Are you studying the safari? Learning about animals in the plains? Kids will have fun coloring this safari themed page. Head over now to download yours.

Dinosaur Coloring Activity Pages – Do you have a dino fan in your house? They are sure to have fun with these FREE Dinosaur coloring pages, perfect for dino fans of all ages.

Maryland Mini Coloring Pages – Learning about the state of Maryland? These simple mini coloring pages will make a great resource to reference and are fun to color too!

Leaf Coloring Pages – Help little ones work on their color name recognition with these FREE printable leaf coloring pages.

Baby Sheep Coloring Page – This simple coloring page includes some fun facts about these sleepy little creatures. Learn more about the sheep and color your own with this FREE download.

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Free Early Learning Homeschool Curriculum:

Gingerbread Man Mini Pack – Do you remember the silly story about the gingerbread man running away? This pack is a great introductory to sequencing for little ones with a fun gingerbread theme. The MEGA Pack even includes copywork of the original story for older kids!

Letter V Coloring Pages – Learning about vegetables with your little ones? These fun, printable, and FREE Letter V coloring pages are a great place to start. Head over now to download yours today.

Numbers Up to 20 Worksheets – These FREE printable worksheets are a quick and easy way to help kids review their numbers up to 20. Head over to download yours today.

Letter H Worksheets – Hop on over to snag these FREE printable Letter H worksheets. Whether you need some extra review practice or you’re introducing it for the first time, these are a great resource to put in your plans.

Number Twenty Worksheets – Can your little one count to 20? This FREE printable worksheet set is a fun way to introduce, review, and practice the number 20. Simple download, print, and go.

Shape Tracing Activity Pages – Practice tracing shapes with these simple and FREE activity pages. These are perfect to laminate and use over and over for extra practice with your little learners.

Dinosaur Addition for Kindergarten – Math practice isn’t always fun, but with these dinosaur themed worksheets, kindergartners are sure to master their addition skills.

Alphabet Matching Worksheets – Help your early learners improve and master their alphabet identification wil these FREE printable Alphabet Matching Worksheets.

Letter W Book – The letter “w” is a fun one to learn! My kids always liked making the “two v’s” to form the letter. Use this FREE printable booklet to teach your little learners about the beginning sounds of this letter with some coloring practice too!

Autumn Counting Worksheets – Little ones can practice a variety of math skills with these FREE printable Autumn themed counting worksheets. Just download, print, and go.

W Is For Watermelon – Watermelon may be a “summer” fruit, but these pages are fun anytime! Head over now to download yours so the kids can work on the letter “W” today.

Letter H Coloring Worksheets – If you’re working on the letter “H” with your early learners, these FREE printable coloring worksheets are the perfect addition to your routine.

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Free Language Arts & Music Resources:

Advent Mini Activity Pack – Advent calendar activities can help us point to the true meaning of Christmas in a wonderful way. I’ve rounded up more than 50 advent resources and activities that can be fun for every family member (young to old).

35 Creative Writing Prompts for Fall (Make Writing Fun!) – These autumn writing prompts invite students to weave their senses into their writing: the crisp air, cooler weather, steaming apple cider, and the fragrant scent of everything pumpkin spice!

Birth of Jesus Copywork – With this free copywork, your child can practice cursive handwriting while reviewing this Bible story. It’s a great, easy way to incorporate Christmas into a little handwriting practice.

10 Things Every Homeschooler Should Know About C.S. Lewis| Free Mini-Lesson – Do your kids know about C.S. Lewis? His books are some of my most treasured stories. His Narnia series is a favorite in our house to this day. Learn more about him and his writings with this FREE Mini lesson.

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Free Math, Science & Geography Homeschool Curriculum:

Parts of A Turkey Pages – These FREE printable Parts of a Turkey worksheets are a fun activity even after the turkey is all gone. This would make a super fun lesson when you just need something quick and easy!

Fall Addition Worksheets – Math takes practice. Use these FREE printable fall themed worksheets to help kids work on their addition math facts.

Morse Code Worksheets – Have you ever learned Morse Code? I remember wanting to learn when I was kid. We had so much fun trying to master the dots and dashes. Now your kids can learn too with these FREE printable worksheets.

Cookie Math Pages – Who wouldn’t want to learn math facts with a sweet twist? Check out these fun cookie math pages to help kids work on their subtraction skills.Graphing Math Worksheets – If you’re working on graphing skills, these FREE printable worksheets are a must-have. Head over to download them to use for some easy extra practice.

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