Grocery Stores That Are Open on Thanksgiving

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I hope you’ve remembered everything you need for Thanksgiving meals, but if you find yourself without crucial ingredients there are a few stores open reduced hours on Thanksgiving Day.

Keep in mind these stores are running on a limited staff, so be kind and patient.

Here are the store hours for grocery stores in the southeast:


Aldi – closed

Costco – closed

Food Lion – varies by store but most open until 3 pm

Harris Teeter – open until 2 pm

Ingles – open until 4 pm

Kroger – all Kroger and Kroger affiliate stores open until 4 pm

Lidl – closed

Lowes Foods – open until 4 pm

Publix – closed

Sam’s Club – closed

Sprouts – open until 2 pm

Target – closed

Walmart – closed

Whole Foods – open until 3 pm

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