HOT HelloFresh Promo Code: 16 FREE Meals + Free Shipping!!

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Wow! If you’ve been wanting to try a meal delivery service, don’t miss this HOT HelloFresh promo code to get 16 FREE meals! {Sponsored by Hello Fresh.}

HelloFresh Promo Code: 16 FREE Meals!

HelloFresh is offering an AMAZING deal right now on their meal delivery service! When you sign up as a new customer, you’ll get 16 FREE meals over the course of your first 9 deliveries.

This includes FREE shipping on your first delivery, plus three FREE surprises! This is a HUGE discount at a savings of over $120! (Note: This savings is for a two-person plan for 4 meals per week. Savings will differ slightly depending on the plan and weekly frequency you choose.)

If you’ve been wanting to try out HelloFresh, now is definitely the time to do so! They regularly offer deals on your first delivery, but this is a really rare deal to get savings on your first two months of deliveries! And you can cancel at any time! So take advantage of the first box or all 9 boxes, depending on how much you like it.

Why I Love HelloFresh!

Meg here! I’ve tried just about every meal delivery service out there, and HelloFresh is definitely one of my top faves. I’ve used HelloFresh off and on for years and absolutely love it. I’m a vegetarian and love that they have really delicious veggie options!

HelloFresh recipes

In fact, I still have many of the recipes tucked away in my recipe book that I cook over and over again and are in my regular rotation of dinners (as you can see from the photo above!).

HelloFresh recently offered to send me a couple boxes of meals, and I was pleased to see that nothing has changed with this amazing company and they still hold true to all the reasons they’re one of my favorite meal delivery services:

  • All of the ingredients arrived fresh and lasted for up to a week.
  • The meals were SO easy to make.
  • They were also incredibly delicious!! My husband isn’t vegetarian like me but he loved all of the meals we made from our two boxes.
  • They offer recycling options for all of their packaging materials, which I love!
  • It’s easy to change your delivery day or skip a week. In the past, I would often skip weeks at a time with no issues!
  • Their customer service is amazing. (See below)

One thing I love SO much about HelloFresh is that their customer service is incredible. If you ever have ingredients that go bad too quickly, it is super easy to submit a report about it in your account and they’ll quickly give you a refund for those missing ingredients. And if the missing ingredients make it impossible to make at least 1-2 meals, they’ll refund your entire box in the form of a credit for a future shipment!

It’s rare that this happens, but the couple times it has happened to me over the years, it was super quick & easy to get my money back or get a credit added for a free box of meals!

Two of Our Favorite Recent Meals

We love all the recipes HelloFresh recently sent us, but our two favorites were Sun-Dried Tomato Spaghetti and Creamy Lemon Spinach Ricotta Ravioli!

They were so quick to make and we’re pasta lovers, so we loved these simple dishes that had lots of exploding, unique flavor in them! Yum!!

I’m not sure how long this deal lasts, so definitely jump on it while you can! It’s also perfect as we move into the busy holiday season, because it makes it so easy to eat at home more instead of opting for takeout!

Choose from 40 weekly recipes with options like Family Friendly, Quick & Easy, Fit & Wholesome, and Veggie. There’s something for everyone!

And they’ve now added options each week for breakfast and lunch, too! There are 100+ options to choose from each week for your delivery box.

It’s also super easy to pause, skip, or cancel deliveries at any time. You’re never locked in to any kind of contract or long-term commitment, which I love!

Go here to take advantage of this great deal!

HelloFresh Discount Code FAQ

Is HelloFresh cost effective?

Yes, even a full-priced box only costs around $10 per person. (But you typically don’t even start paying that until several boxes in!) You definitely can’t beat that at a restaurant, and with grocery prices on the rise, I find that these meals are a lot more cost effective than menu planning and buying the ingredients at the store. Plus, you can’t beat the convenience factor that saves on gas and time!

Are HelloFresh discounts only for new customers?

Yes, the best HelloFresh discounts are only for new customers. As an existing customer, you can send your friends a referral code to score a $10 discount on a box. They also offer 10-15% discounts to students, military, and medical professionals. Additionally, HelloFresh is very good at offering credits for damaged/rotten/expired ingredients in your box. If you ever have a less than satisfactory experience with your box, be sure to contact them about it! They are GREAT with offering credit for future boxes!

How to get more discounts on HelloFresh?

Send your friends a referral code to get $150 off their first few boxes and you’ll receive a $10 discount to use on your next box! If you’re a student, you’ll get 15% off every box for a year. Medical providers, nurses, hospital employees, and military & veterans get 10% off every box for a year, as well.

Can I cancel HelloFresh after free box?

Yes, you can skip, pause, or cancel at any time with HelloFresh — including after your first free or discounted box!

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