*HOT* Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy Only $18.86 After Walmart Cash (Reg. $46)

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little boy playing with Jurrasic World dinosaur toys on a rug

Walmart has the best dino sales! 🦕

Hurry over to Walmart.com where you can score over 30% Off Jurrasic World Dinosaur Toys with prices as low as $26.86! Better yet, you can also earn cash back with Walmart Cash or via Ibotta! Note that these offers cannot be combined.

little boy playing on the floor with Imaginext Jurassic World toys

If you have a Jurassic World or dinosaur fan at home, this is the perfect time to grab a last-minute Christmas gift!

Check out these HOT Jurassic World Toy deals:

little boy sitting on the floor next to a Jurrasic World Thrash N Devour Tyrannosaurus Rex

This large thrash n devour dinosaur toy is 21″ long and is sure to keep your dinosaur-loving kiddo busy for hours! It features moveable joints, chomping and thrashing actions, and realistic sounds.

Simply press the button on the tail to hear it ROAR. You can move the tail up and the T.Rex will bend down with its jaws open wide to chomp down on the included figure. Then, move the tail down and it will swallow the human whole! You can also, move the tail back and forth to create thrashing actions and sounds.

The Jurassic World dinosaurs are very heavy-duty and durable. They withstand my son’s abuse every day and we haven’t had any of them break so far. He loves scanning the chips to keep track of his collection.

Tyrannosaurus rex is perfect for dinosaur-obsessed kids of all ages. My husband and kids loved how wide the mouth opens so it makes it perfect for “chomping” smaller dinosaurs and it’s all conveniently controlled by the tail which makes play more realistic.

little boy olaying on the floor with a Imaginext Jurassic World Ultra Snap Spinosaurus

This spinosaurus dinosaur toy is perfect for kiddos aged 3 and up! When you squeeze the tail trigger the dinosaur’s head will rear back and its mouth will open to snap down and attack! The trigger also activates multi-colored lights on its fin, eyes, and realistic dinosaur sounds. It even comes with an action figure.

The Imaginext Jurassic World Ultra Snap Spinosaurus is great for those young dinosaur lovers in your life. The action feature works great. When you pull the trigger on the tail the mouth opens then the head snaps down. The eyes light up yellow and the fin has 3 LED lights that light up and blink different colors while this is happening it also makes dinosaur roars and chomping sounds, very cool! It also comes with one figure which is great for re-creating those scenes of running away from this menacing dinosaur.

My son is obsessed with this Spinosaurus. Since he got it, he has played with it all the time! It lights up! When you press the button/handle he “bites” and makes a noise. Definitely would recommend it if your kid loves dinosaurs!

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