Intel may be ready to launch a new monster CPU

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Intel's 14900K CPU socketed in a motherboard.
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Intel may be getting ready to add to its lineup of the best processors, and this time around, we’re talking about a real monster of a CPU. A new leaked image of the rumored Core i9-14900KS tells us that its launch may not be that far away, and according to reports, the chip is said to be able to reach 6.2GHz right out of the box. But one question remains: Is this image even real?

The photo was posted by HXL (9550pro) earlier today. HXL is a well-known leaker when it comes to CPUs, but even the poster is not sure if the image is fake or not. Even if it is real, they’re uncertain whether Intel will launch this CPU. While the image looks real enough, there are some slight inconsistencies in the lettering on the heat sink between the Core i9-14900KS and the Core i9-13900KS.

However, even if the letters (especially the KS) don’t look exactly the same between the two chips, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the image has been tampered with. Everything else looks real enough, and we’ve heard rumors about the existence of the Core i9-14900KS as early as November of last year. Besides, Intel has been releasing these enthusiast-grade CPUs for a couple of generations now, including the Core i9-12900KS and its Raptor Lake equivalent. It makes perfect sense for Intel to follow up the Core i9-14900K with a KS model for those with deeper pockets who want the top Intel CPU available in this generation.

I don't know if it's fake or not and I don't know if it will be launch.


— HXL (@9550pro) January 2, 2024

Seeing as we’re not even sure whether the Core i9-14900KS is real or not, it’s no wonder that its specifications remain unconfirmed. However, rumor has it that we’re looking at the same core count as the Core i9-14900K, with a total of 24 cores (8 performance cores and 16 efficiency cores) and 32 threads. We’re expecting an increase in the boost clock speed, though, to a whopping 6.2GHz. It’s also possible that Intel may increase the TDP to 150 watts, which is 25 watts higher than any of the other chips in the Raptor Lake refresh.

How much will this CPU cost, if it does come to market? Anywhere between $600 and $750 seems like a safe bet. The Core i9-14900K launched at $590 and can be found just under the recommended list price these days. It’s possible that Intel will announce the Core i9-14900KS at CES 2024, so stay tuned, as we’ll be reporting on all the new releases.

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