Living My Best Life with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Samsung employees are the innovators, creators, trailblazers, doers, problem solvers, and changemakers of our organization. They inevitably touch some point in our products’ journey, whether it’s conception, design, development, creation, marketing, customer care, sales, or recycling. If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering what Samsung products are they actually adding to their carts. And, among those, what are the products that they love the most?

As part of our “Living My Best Life” series, Field Sales Manager Steve Peters reveals how he seamlessly navigates between his professional and creative pursuits using his Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Outside of work, Steve wears multiple hats as a content creator, author, and motivational leader. For example, he channels his motivational passion into crafting online courses that help people overcome public speaking anxiety – a powerful skill he’s been able to hone through the years of addressing audiences ranging from 50 to 5,000.

The best part is that Steve is able to produce digital content for the course whenever inspiration strikes him. Armed with his Galaxy S23 Ultra, he’s able to effortlessly record that content in his studio or while on the move. A standout feature for Steve is Director’s View, enabling dual recording with both front and rear cameras during interviews. This feature provides him with multiple perspectives through simultaneous shots in Ultra Wide, Wide, Tele, and Vlogger modes, giving him pro-like control and simplifying the editing process for his content creation.


For work, Steve harnesses the S23 Ultra to ready himself for sales presentations—basically using the phone as a surrogate audience. He can replay the mock presentation and address any moments that need slight tweaking. The S23 Ultra run-through helps Steve feel more confident and communicate clearly when he’s on stage. “It may sound cliché, but life is all about creating amazing moments—and with the S23 Ultra, you can effortlessly create and capture those moments at will.”

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