Passion and preparation led this Amazon DSP to the Tokyo Olympics

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Cesar Hirsch was born in Venezuela with horse riding is in his blood.

“My grandfather rode horses, my father rode horses, and I rode until I was 25 years old,” Hirsch said, explaining his introduction to the equestrian sport of competitive show jumping. While his college years distanced him from actively competing, Hirsch always knew he wanted to play a role in equestrian sports.

He later began the long process of certification to become an Olympic official—and succeeded, in addition to applying and becoming an Amazon delivery partner.

This year at the Tokyo Summer Olympics, Hirsch is both a consultant and the competition manager for the show jumping discipline in equestrian sports. In 2016, Hirsch served as an official at the Rio Summer Olympics.

Delivery Service Partner Cesar Hirsch, who leads a logistics company for Amazon and equestrian sports at the Tokyo Olympics.

What does being the competition manager involve? “I’m like the father of the event,” said Hirsch. “I make sure everything is in order and that all the details are in place, right down to ensuring that the horses have arrived safely at the Tokyo airport.”

Preparation for the competition included months of hours-long international conference calls that took place in the wee hours of the morning. Hirsch helped plan for every aspect in his area of the equestrian competitions of the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In order to participate in this summer’s Olympics Games, Hirsch temporarily left his small-business logistics company, which operates out of an Amazon delivery station in Columbus, Ohio, in the capable hands of his business partner. While Hirsch is away, his partner will oversee the businesses’ daily operations and the nearly 60 delivery drivers employed by their company, LMH Plus Logistics.

Both of Hirsch’s rolesAmazon delivery service partner and Olympics competition manager—require common traits, including a passion for people, a team mentality, and an ambitious mindset, all of which Hirsch embodies. He also serves as the president of the Pan American Equestrian Confederation.

Whether discussing his drive to launch his business or to manage an entire Olympic competition, Hirsch points to one common tenant: “It’s all about being prepared and organized. Expect the unexpected,” he said. “And share the success.”

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Delivery Service Partner Cesar Hirsch, who leads a logistics company for Amazon and equestrian sports at the Tokyo Olympics.

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