Save Time on Thanksgiving Dinner w/ a Fully-Cooked Sam’s Club Turkey!

November 21, 2023 | by Egpin

Save Time on Thanksgiving Dinner w/ a Fully-Cooked Sam’s
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Gobble, gobble! Sam’s Club has a turkey deal for your next holiday get together! Here’s what you need to know!

Sam's Club Hickory Smoked Turkeys

We’re thankful for Sam’s Club deals this Thanksgiving! 

Get your shopping cart ready. It’s time to head to Sam’s Club where, for a limited time only, you may be able to find Member’s Mark Hickory Smoked Fully Cooked Young Turkeys for just $3.48 per lb.!

It’s November which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This fully-cooked smoked turkey could be just what you need to feed your family for the holidays. Not only does this turkey have a mouth-watering hickory-smoked flavor, but it’s also a total time saver! Since it’s already been prepped and cooked, all you’ll need to do is heat and serve! Less cooking means more quality time with your loved ones. 🙌

smoked turkey at sams club

Keep in mind, this turkey does come fully frozen. To prepare it, you can defrost it ahead of time in the refrigerator. You can also heat it directly from frozen which takes about 2 hours for a 12-pound turkey. Once heated, the turkey should be eaten within 3 days so make sure to send some leftovers home with your guests!

Each Sam’s Club turkey weighs in between 10 and 16 pounds and you’re able to purchase 2 per membership. Sam’s Club recommends planning for 1.25 pounds of turkey for each adult. Add a little more if you plan for leftovers (one of the best parts of Thanksgiving).

This is a great food deal to consider for your upcoming holiday gathering, especially if you’re looking to save some time. Keep in mind that Sam’s Club turkeys are a seasonal offering, so if you’d like to serve one, be sure to grab it when you can, as they may not be around for long!

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