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Fancy frozen treats at ice-cream parlors or from the grocery store can be pricey. With the Ninja Creami ice-cream maker, you can play gourmet dessert chef right in your own kitchen. It’s not a cheap gadget, so the time to scoop it up is now, when a Cyber Monday deal has chilled the price down 15%, from $200 to $170. The benefit to shelling out that much money, of course, is that you can use it over and over again, and with your own quality ingredients and flavors, where you know everything that goes into each recipe.

The Ninja Creami is a TikTok viral favorite, but our CNET review says the raves are well-deserved. The countertop machine looks a bit like a coffeemaker, and our review says setup was simple and there’s really no learning curve. You do have to plan ahead before you can dig in to dessert, but that’s to be expected for high-quality frozen treats. And you can choose between making ice cream, lite ice cream, sorbet, gelato, milkshakes, or smoothie bowls, plus you can mix in candies, nuts and other goodies.


Personalize your ice-cream recipe to fit your family’s preferences.

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Simply fill one of the accompanying bowls with your recipe and freeze it for about 24 hours. (That’s where the planning ahead comes in.) Once your mix is frozen, you pop it into an outer bowl, screw the lid on top, and load it into the machine. You pick the preset for whatever dessert you’re making and in less than three minutes, you’re enjoying your new ice cream.

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Our reviewer loved how they were able to personalize their recipes, using less sugar in their lemon sorbet to make it tailor-made for taste buds that prefer tart to sweet. They also praised the machine’s compact size and ease of use. There’s an investment up front, but the Ninja Creami may eventually save you from hitting up gourmet scoop shops, or paying for overpriced store pints. It’s a cool option if you regularly scream for ice cream.

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