Score Tinte Cosmetics from $5.50 | Check Out Their Awesome No-Frills, Organic Lip Balm Tins!

November 20, 2023 | by Egpin

Score Tinte Cosmetics from $5.50 | Check Out Their Awesome
No-Frills, Organic Lip Balm Tins!_655b801758fc0.jpeg
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Tinte Cosmetics makes totally giftable products like their popular vintage lip balm tins!

Tine Cosmetics lip balms and makeup bag

You can’t put a price on nostalgia! 

While looking for a lip product that’s the perfect cross between feminine and functional, I was so happy to have found Tinte Cosmetics! I fell in love with them because of the adorable packaging (and super-affordable price point starting at just $5.50 😉), but I have to admit many of their lip products have become part of my daily routine.

holding vintage Tinte lip balm tins

With the holidays around the corner, these vintage-inspired lip products and holiday kits would make great gifts for both women and younger girls!

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Tinte lip products

I’ve been using these no-frills lip products for over a year!

A year later these USA-made, old-timey style Tinte lip products are still my go-to’s. And, they are made with straightforward, organic, and all-natural ingredients so I feel safe letting my mini-me play ‘makeup’ with them too. 😍

Best of all, although the ‘old-school’ packaging is the first selling point for me, don’t let it fool you, there is nothing outdated about these. You can just feel these products penetrating deep into the skin immediately for soft, velvety lips!

Stock up on gifts for all with these Tinte Cosmetics deal ideas…

lip tin products in bag

Four Tinte Cosmetics Vintage Lip Licking Lip Balm tins

Buy 2 Vintage Lip Licking Lip Balm Tins $5.50
Total = $11
Use code HIP2SAVE23 (20% off)
Final cost $8.80!

Choose from 25 fabulous flavors including pink lemonade, butterscotch, banana daiquiri, coconut, grape, strawberry, watermelon, and more!

Kissing Stick chapstick flavors by Tinte cosmetics

Buy 2 Tinte Kissing Sticks Flavored Lip Balms $5.50
Total = $11
Use code HIP2SAVE23 (20% off)
Final cost $8.80!

Choose from over 25 different flavors including blueberry, tropical punch, banana coconut, orange vanilla, piña colada, vintage cola, sugar cookie, chocolate mint, & more!

Tinte Cosmetics Holiday Kissing Sticks in Gingerbread, Peppermint, and Sugar Cookie

Buy the Holiday Kissing Stick Trio Kit $23
Use code HIP2SAVE23 (20% off)
Final cost $18.40!

Includes a cute red zip-top bag and sugar cookie, peppermint, and gingerbread kissing sticks.

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or Christmas gift, Tinte Cosmetics offers a ton of holiday kits! Choose a set with your favorite products or try a winter-themed kit with flavors like peppermint, gingerbread, and sugar cookie. With dry, cold weather coming, these hydrating lip products are sure to help keep lips looking and feeling their best!

Kissing Koolers Tinted Lip Balm by Tinte Cosmetics

Buy 2 Kissing Kooler Tinted Lip Balms $8
Total = $16
Use code HIP2SAVE23 (20% off)
Final cost $12.80!

Choose from 5 different flavors including Bubble Gum, Cherry Cola, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Fizz, and Watermelon Swirl.

3 kissing potions

Since the Rollerball Lip Potion Organic and the Kissing Potion Original Formula have similar packaging, I’ll explain the differences. The Rollerball Lip Potion is an organic and natural version with a lighter formula similar to lip oil. It’s still the same flavor and has great shine yet a lighter feel to the lips.

If you are looking to go wayyyy back to the roller rink, then you are going to want to purchase Tinte’s Original Kissing Potion Gloss. This is the original super thick gloss you 80s girls will remember. 😘

tinte cosmetics vintage slider lip tin

If you can’t bear to choose just one flavor, opt for this tin which features two yummy lip balms! Enjoy each balm on its own or mix them together for a delicious and moisturizing treat for your lips. 😙

OR score FREE shipping + a freebie with these ultimate gift ideas…

lip balm tins and more bundle deal

canvas case with tine lip products

mom and daughter holding lip products

My final thoughts…

I love that you can just tell that there are no harsh chemical-y ingredients added as most of these lip balms are almost good enough to lick clean! Of course, that is if you do get it on your teeth or inside your mouth (thanks to my makeup artist/daughter for applying it so generously even onto my teeth 😆), at least there’s no synthetic strange taste.

I was seriously so surprised by how much all of these products, even the ‘Kissing Potion‘ and ‘Organic Lip Potion‘ rollerballs (note the differences above) hydrated my lips — and stayed hydrated for HOURS! One day after applying, the lip balm kept my lips feeling moisturized well into the evening, even after we had been outside.

tinte cosmetics in caboodle

Plus, the packaging of lip balm tins alone gives me such a wonderful feeling of nostalgia! I immediately saw the tin and immediately thought, “I remember these as a kid!” These smell AMAZING (as do all of the Tinte Cosmetics) and are not overly sugary-scented as you might assume just by the way it looks.

I typically get those weird-smell headaches, especially from lip products, that have that overpoweringly sweet smell, but these Tinte varieties smell sweet and clean as if you were smelling pure bubble gum, apple, or watermelon itself…again, NO FRILLS!

little girl holding tinte cosmetics lip gift set

A Tinte gift set, whether you buy it bundled or craft your own, is so perfect for women of any age, whether it’s for someone who can reminisce about classic beauty buys being brought back to life, those who love a good retro or vintage find, or even sweet little girls just diving into the world of makeup.

My teammate, Kara, is also a huge fan of Tinte Cosmetics…

“I LOVE Tinte Cosmetics. Using their products makes me super nostalgic. I was an ‘80s baby and my big sister was born in the 70’s. One of my earliest memories is begging her for her Kissing Potion roller ball. She’s the best big sis, so with great reluctance, she gave in and let me have it. 😆I was so excited to tell her that Tinte Cosmetics came to the rescue and gave new life to these cult classic beauty products. Now a whole new generation can enjoy these flavorful and fun cosmetics that are similar to the ones we grew up using (but better)!

I agree with Chelsey that Tinte’s products keep my sensitive lips hydrated and healthy. Plus, all of their products smell and taste sooooo good! There is a flavor for everyone! My favorite products are the Kissing Potion and Lip Potion roller balls. They are super hydrating and give my lips a youthful shine. 

My sister’s favorite is the Vintage Moisturizing Lip Licking Lip Balm. In her words, “The ones in the tin ARE THE BOMB.” I have to agree. They taste amazing, are incredibly moisturizing, and I love that they are made with so many nourishing and organic ingredients!

If you’re a fan of flavored lip balms and glosses, take a trip down memory lane and scoop up some of these fun products for yourself. Or, share these nostalgic lip products with the younger generation. They make excellent holiday gifts and stocking stuffers!!

Pucker up! 💄

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Need a few more gift ideas? Look no further!


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