Stainless Steel Hydro Flask Mug Just $16.96 On Amazon (Regularly $23)

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Stainless Steel Hydro Flask Reusable Mug in Indigo

Amazon is serving up a sweet deal on this Hydro Flask mug!

The top-rated Hydro Flask mug is one of the most coveted items of the year. If you’ve had your eye on one, hurry on over to Amazon! Right now, you can scoop up a 12oz Stainless Steel Hydro Flask Mug in the color Indigo for just $16.96!

Note that this Hydro Flask mug may not arrive in time for Christmas.

These BPA-free and non-toxic mugs have a huge fan following. This particular mug happens to have a 4.6 star rating, so be sure to snag this offer to see what the buzz is all about!

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Reusable 12-oz. Mug in Indigo

The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your temperature for HOURS so you can take your reusable mug with you when on the go and your temperature will stay just how you like it throughout the day!

The lid slides open for easy drinking and can accommodate a reusable straw if you prefer.

If you’re not familiar with Hydro Flask, the company is known for making high-quality products and being dedicated to helping the environment. They specialize in reusable products and also donate to non-profits that invest in and provide access to parks. 🌲

One reason to buy from Hydro Flask over competitors is that the company backs their products. They believe in the quality of this mug so much that it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! 🙌

Undecided? Check out these helpful reviews…

The soft, rubbery outer coating is comfortable to hold and doesn’t make an obnoxious clanking sound every time you set it down like other metal mugs do. The size is perfect to hold a full cup of coffee with ample room for cream/froth, and it keeps my coffee hot even without the lid. After a long search, I’ve found my perfect coffee mug!

Bought a second one for home. I’ve had this coffee mug for a year and saved thousands on coffee and cups, as my coffee does not get cold. stays hot for hours so when I get busy at work and forget the coffee, it’s still hot when I get back to it.

Perfect for a new mom. I would get frustrated that my morning coffee would sit there while breastfeeding or pumping. Making me have to reheat my cup and of course forget about it due to all the demands of the little one. BUT this cup keeps my coffee warm for a good amount of time!

This mug is the perfect size for the Nespresso 7.77 oz. coffee pods. Some extra room is needed for that crema (foam) at the surface so this mug works for Nespresso pods and a regular 12-oz coffee. It really does keep the coffee (or any liquid) hot much longer than a ceramic mug. Just remember to fill it only up to the line on the inside of the mug if you’re using the lid. Filling it higher than that will result in hot liquid splashing out on you when the lid is pressed on.

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