Struggling with school during COVID? Get tips from Amazon scholars.

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Being a student in these pandemic times can be tedious and tough, even for the 200 high-achieving self-starters pursuing their computer science college degrees with the help of $40,000 Amazon Future Engineer scholarships. Online or socially distanced classes aren’t anyone’s idea of normal. And there’s an adjustment for everyone facing a world where your bedroom is supposed to be your campus and a single laptop screen is supposed to be every one of your classrooms.

Madison Lucey, an Amazon Future Engineer scholarship recipient attending Central Penn College, said there’s a need to break through the isolation brought on by COVID-19. As she put it, “We need to network with each other now more than ever in order to solve problems without attempting to reinvent the wheel on our own.”

It’s in that spirit that we reached out to current scholarship recipients to share tips for adapting and even excelling in school. See some of their advice in the video above.

A young woman poses with a certificate that says "2020 Amazon Future Engineer $40,000 scholarship recipient."

Amazon Future Engineer scholarship recipient Madison Lucey.

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