The latest Apple Watch SE is $50 off just in time for your New Year’s fitness goals

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The Apple Watch SE is selling for its second-best price of $199 at Amazon and Best Buy, saving you $50 on Apple’s entry-level smartwatch. The SE may not have some of the fancier features of the newer Series 9 model (features that recently put the Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 in some patent infringement hot water), but the SE is a very competent wearable that nails the essentials most people look for to complement their iPhone — expansive fitness tracking and easily glanceable notifications on your wrist. If you want to push yourself into healthier habits for the new year, a smartwatch and some basic workout metrics you can easily track is a nice little motivator.

Right now, you can get a four-pack of Apple AirTags for $78.99 ($21 off) at Amazon when you click the on-page coupon. The tiny trackers are handy for finding your keys, luggage, or other valuables if they’re ever misplaced — and at this price, each AirTag runs you just $19.75 each, which is quite a value for anyone prone to being a bit scatterbrained (present company included).

While AirTags are a great asset for iPhone users who frequently carry expensive gear they want to keep an eye on (I personally have one hidden in my camera bag), they’re equally good at helping you keep track of those things that have a tendency of growing legs and walking to other parts of the house. Just keep in mind that attaching one to a set of keys or a bag handle requires some additional accessories.

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