The luxe DreameBot L20 Ultra vacuum is selling for its lowest price of $1,049

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The DreameBot L20 Ultra robot vacuum / mop is one of our top picks when it comes to robovacs, as long as you don’t mind spending a fair bit of coin. But there’s good news today, as the L20 Ultra is now cheaper than ever before. As a reader of The Verge, you can get the premium DreameBot for $1,049 ($450 off) at Wellbots when you use promo code DREAMEVERGE150 for an additional $150 off the list price.

 The L20 Ultra is about as easy as it gets for managing a hybrid robot vacuum and mop in a single unit. It’s got a high suction power for thick rugs, AI-powered obstacle avoidance, and mapping software. Plus, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri Shortcuts.

Tabletop games are great, but a digital version is sometimes much more convenient — after all, there’s no cleanup, and you can’t accidentally ruin a play session by realizing you misread the rules. Luckily, Humble is offering a “Play Pink” Twin Sails bundle until January 26th that should appeal to a variety of board game fans as well as the tabletop-curious. It consists of up to 11 PC games on Steam for just $20, though, in total, it covers 35 individual items valued at $283, including games, DLC, and coupons.

You get games like the absolutely massive Gloomhaven, as well as the excellent Carcassonne and a whole lot more. And as is typical for a Humble Bundle, you can choose a smaller package and pay less. In this case, you can get both Splendor and Love Letter for just $1, which is an absolute steal. Plus, a portion of the funds go to supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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