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There’s something oddly satisfying about power washing something. Perhaps there’s some form of psychological cleansing that happens, or maybe it’s just slightly meditative watching grubby things become clean. Either way, if you’re looking to grab yourself a pressure washer without breaking the bank, this deal from Amazon will net you a 320-psi Worx Hydroshot for just $80 — a $100 discount that drops it to within $1 of its lowest ever price.

One big benefit of the Worx Hydroshot is that it doesn’t tether you to a hose or a big machine sitting off to the side like you would find with a traditional pressure washer. Instead, the Hydroshot is an all-in-one unit that lets you move around freely. That means that you don’t have to be within a hose’s distance of your driveway or patio when you’re trying to wash something.

A lot of that portability comes from the internal pump, battery and a connector that can accommodate a 2-liter water bottle. That means you can be out camping or driving around muddy and dirty areas and use the Hydroshot to clean your vehicles and gear. It also comes with a handy hose attachment that you can place in a bucket or source of water, like a pond, and draw water from there.

As for how long it runs, you can expect around 30 minutes, though there’s only one power setting, so you can’t use a lower power setting for a longer runtime. The battery itself takes up to five hours to charge fully, but if you plan to use it for longer than that you could grab an extra 20-volt Worx battery

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