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After a few quiet years, I’ve been getting back out to public venues to see live music and shows. While it has been fantastic to see my favorite bands live again, I’m not a fan of what the loud music was doing to my ears — painful ringing in my ears after some shows left me worried about permanent damage to my hearing.

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So, in preparation for a music show earlier this year, I purchased two pairs of Loop Experience ear plugs for my wife and myself.

I chose Loop Experiences because I liked the washable, reusable design and was lured by the promise of noise reduction without muffling incoming sound. I paid full price at the time and they’ve been worth every penny, but they’re an even better Cyber Monday deal at 20% off.

I’ve worn my Loops to see an 11-piece techno marching band and Run The Jewels, my favorite hip-hop duo of the moment. I’ve taken them into thumping Las Vegas nightclubs and tiny jazz clubs in New Orleans. And in every instance, they’ve served me well. I’ve been able to hear the music clearly, almost as if I wasn’t wearing earplugs at all, but without the annoying ringing after the show even when standing fairly close to a speaker (or trombone). More impressively, I’m able to hear and talk to the people around me without taking the Loops out.

Loop Experience ear plugs come with four silicon tip sizes for a comfortable fit and store in a compact carrying case that slips easily into the coin pocket of my jeans and clean up much easier than foam plugs. They’re small enough that most people don’t even notice I’m wearing them, and yet they’re easy to remove when the show’s over. Loop also offers Quiet and Engage plugs that offer more or less noise reduction, respectively, but for my needs as an enjoyer of music who wants to continue to enjoy live performances for years to come, the Loop Experience hits the sweet spot.

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