This Dell gaming laptop is $450 off in Dell’s ‘New Year Event’ sale

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If you’re somewhat familiar with the game laptop market, then you’ll know that the G16 and its previous iteration, the G15, are often recommended for being great budget and mid-range gaming laptops. Luckily, Dell has discounted its G16 even more, down to just $950 from $1,399, meaning you can grab a solid gaming laptop without crossing the $1,000 threshold. It might have an older-generation GPU, but it’s great if you want to get a big-screen gaming laptop without spending a huge amount of cash.

Why you should buy the Dell G16 gaming laptop

The beating heart of any gaming laptop is its GPU, and in this case, the G16 comes with an RTX 3060, an entry-level graphics card that should handle most modern games just fine. Granted, you will probably struggle to hit both the 2560×1600 resolution and the 165Hz refresh rate, but at least you have some options on what you wish to prioritize. Plus, the 16-inch screen means you get the far superior 16:10 aspect ratio, which gives you a wider field of view when playing games, which is always appreciated.

Besides the solid graphics card, you also get an Intel Core i7-12700H CPU, which sits somewhere between mid-to-high-end and is more than enough to handle most games without issue. Similarly, it’s great for productivity tasks, editing work, or just general day-to-day browsing and media consumption, so this is a very versatile laptop. The included 16GB of DDR5 RAM is also excellent, especially since so many laptops are coming out with only 8GB of RAM, which can struggle to handle both Windows and gaming. Even more impressive is the 1TB of storage space that you get, a lot more than we’d usually see in this price bracket so that on its own is quite impressive.

Overall, while the Dell G16 still uses a last-generation budget GPU, it’s still a solid entry-level gaming laptop and well worth grabbing with this discount from Dell that brings it down to $950. Even so, we know that some folks might prefer going with the most recent lineup of GPUs, and if that’s the case, please check out these other great gaming laptop deals for alternatives.

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