This Lenovo external graphics solution does what other eGPUs can’t

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The ThinkBook TGX graphics solution with the ThinkBook laptop.
Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

External GPUs are great, but are limited by the bandwidth of Thunderbolt. At CES 2024, Lenovo has announced a proprietary port and external GPU with a full PCIe connection to get more out of your desktop GPU.

It’s TGX, or the ThinkBook Graphics Extension, and it is capable of transferring up to 64Gbps data throughput. This is similar to what Asus achieved with its ROG XG Mobile interface, which is supported by various ROG gaming notebooks as well as the ROG Ally handheld.

Having an external graphics solution can bring additional performance to the table, and Lenovo says that the TGX dock will support Nvidia GeForce RTX desktop GPUs. We don’t know whether the dock will be offered barebones or with a dedicated GPU, but expect a bundle option to hit markets in the second half of this year at a starting price of $2,199.

Of course, because this is a proprietary connection, you can’t use the TGX with any old laptop. Lenovo has a new ThinkBook 14 i Gen 6+ laptop to connect with the graphics solution.

The connection of the ThinkBook 14 i laptop, hooked up to the eGPU.
Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

Expect improved performance and enhanced AI support thanks to Intel’s newly announced Core Ultra processors with an integrated NPU (Neural Processing Unit). According to Lenovo, the laptop can leverage AI to deliver optimized user experiences in workflows such as office tools, photo, video, and audio editing, meeting collaboration, and more.

The laptop also boasts an impressive 14.5-inch 3K display with a 90% screen-to-body ratio, 120Hz refresh rate, and up to 400 nits of brightness. There’s also the option of a 2.5K 90Hz IPS panel or a 2.59K 90Hz OLED panel if you care about high contrast and inky blacks.

Other configuration options include up to a 2TB Gen 4 PCIe SSD and up to 32GB of dual-channel LPDDR5X memory. The built-in 85Wh battery unit should offer plenty of juice to make it last all day, while the IR camera supports Windows Hello face recognition for quick login purposes. Lenovo has also integrated human presence detection, allowing users to lock the laptop if and when they move away. For additional security, an integrated fingerprint reader is embedded in the power button.

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