Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo UNDER $100 Shipped for Amazon Prime Members (Reg. $300)

November 21, 2023 | by Egpin

Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo UNDER $100 Shipped for Amazon
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comfee oven open with chicken inside it

Get dinner on the table WAY faster with this 10-in-1 countertop oven!

Through November 27th, dash over to Amazon where Prime members can score this COMFEE’ Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo for just $99.99 shipped when you clip the $20 off coupon at checkout.

This countertop oven features 10 different cooking functions including air frying, broiling, roasting, toasting, baking, dehydrating, and more! It also has an adjustable temperature range of up to 500°F and utilizes Flashwave technology that heats up quickly and cooks food 40% faster than a conventional oven. Allowing you to cook a whole meal in as little as 15 minutes!

Get cooking with this hot deal…

comfee silver oven sitting on table

hand taking pizza out of comfee oven

Plus, its large capacity allows it to fit a 12″ pizza, 6 pieces of toast, or 4 pounds of chicken which means you can make the whole family’s dinner at once!

This handy toaster oven air fryer combo will make short order of your meal preparations, giving you more time to enjoy with family and friends, and less time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. It would also make a great gift for the busy people on your holiday shopping list who like to save time but still enjoy cooking a delicious meal.

Here’s what this reviewer loves about this 10-in-1 oven…

The Stainless Steel Air Fryer Toaster Oven has transformed my cooking experience. This versatile kitchen appliance is a true game-changer. Its sleek design, efficient cooking performance, and spacious interior make it a must-have. From crispy air-fried treats to perfectly toasted bread, it excels in every way. Easy to use and a breeze to clean, this oven has earned a permanent spot in my kitchen. I can’t recommend it enough!

I love this oven. I got this for my mom because this looks the easiest to use, and I wasn’t disappointed. The settings are straightforward and it’s easy to switch between different baking/frying modes. The glass shield has marks to guide which level to put different plates or baskets for the different settings. She has baked some BBQ pork and air fried donuts and different types of fries. The meats taste generally more juicy, while the fried donuts and fries are about as crispy and less greasy than regular air fryers. It also doesn’t burn my toast as fast when I forget to pick it out. Overall I’m pretty happy with how easy it is to learn how to use this thing for the amount of stuff that it can do.


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