Top 6 Premium Backlinks 2024 [SAFE]

October 26, 2023 | by Egpin

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Discover the best premium backlink services on Fiverr in 2024 that deliver safe and HQ backlinks to boost your website’s ranking. Buying backlinks has never been easier.

Improve your website’s SEO with safe and high-quality and premium backlinks.

Michael C

Top 6 Premium Backlinks 2024 [SAFE]

Background and Experience

Michael C hails from the United States and boasts an impressive track record, with over 2,600 orders completed and a 5 stars rating. He has years of experience in enterprise-level SEO, having worked for major brands like Sony, AIG, and the NFL.

He’s a former marketing executive at one of the top 10 renewable energy companies in California, and has received accolades such as the San Diego Business Journal Information Technology Executive of the Year Award and being a finalist for San Diego Top Tech Exec.

Currently, Michael works directly with Google’s Brand Accelerator team as a consultant, bridging the gap between Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm and corporate brands. Despite his impressive corporate background, Michael now prefers working from his home office.

Michael offers a variety of SEO services, including:

  • Randomized deployment for maximum safety
  • Brand mentions
  • Contextual backlinks for any niche
  • Drip-fed over 20+ days
  • Web 2.0 and Social


Michael C’s services are available at three different price points:

Basic Service ($495):

300 high-performance multi-type SEO backlinks, 20+ day drip-feed

Standard Service ($795):

500 high-performance multi-type SEO backlinks, 20+ day drip-feed

Premium Service ($895):

700 high-performance multi-type SEO backlinks, 20+ day drip-feed

Each tier offers an increased number of high-performance backlinks, which are drip-fed over 20 or more days to ensure the best possible results.

Ana SEO Agency

Top 6 Premium Backlinks 2024 [SAFE]

Ana SEO Agency, a Brazil-based pro verified seller with over 16,300 orders completed and a 5-star rating. With 20 years of experience in the SEO industry, this agency has helped thousands of clients with SEO, link building.

With a team that includes colleagues who have been working with SEO since 2002, the agency has built a strong reputation for delivering results

Ana SEO Agency offers multi-step SEO service, which includes:

Step 1 – 30 Authoritative Posts

  • Powerful Guest Post backlinks (High DA/PA, UR/DR 49~20+)
  • 100% Dofollow Backlinks
  • Unique IP

Step 2 – 500 Web Blog Posts

  • High DA Backlinks (UR/DR or PA/DA 49~20)
  • Nofollow and Dofollow
  • Mixed Anchor Text: URL, Branding, Keywords, etc.

Step 3 – 150 Profiles

  • Authority: High Trust Flow (TF 50~15)
  • Nofollow and Dofollow

The Final Step

  • Tier 2: Reinforcement SEO Backlinks to strengthen the main links

Ana SEO Agency accepts websites in any language and promises indexing within 7 to 30 days after delivery.

Ana SEO Agency offers three service packages:

Basic Service ($550):

30 Guest Post Backlinks (DA/PA or DR/UR 49~20), 500 Web Blog Posts, 150 Authority Profiles

Standard Service ($750):

45 Guest Post Backlinks (DA/PA or DR/UR 49~20), 750 Web Blog Posts, 225 Authority Profiles

Premium Service ($995):

60 Guest Post Backlinks (DA/PA or DR/UR 49~20), 1000 Web Blog Posts, 300 Authority Profiles

Jay and Lucy

Top 6 Premium Backlinks 2024 [SAFE]

Jay and Lucy, Certified SEO Consultants and Algorithm Experts hailing from India. With over 2000 orders completed and a 5-star rating, this dynamic duo is the answer to all your SEO content creation needs.

Why Jay and Lucy?

Jay and Lucy have been in the SEO game for 12 years, and their expertise spans a wide range of services. They have a dedicated team that specializes in off-page SEO, including link building, competitor analysis, and keyword research.

They’ve honed their winning SEO strategies over a decade of experience, perfecting the art of creating premium and powerful packages for every niche.

Services Offered by Jay and Lucy

Jay and Lucy provide a comprehensive set of services tailored to your specific requirements. Some of their noteworthy offerings include:

  • 3 x Exclusive Niche Edits (DA 50+ | VISITORS 8K+ SITES)
  • 2 x World Leader Guest Posts (DA 50+ |TRAFFIC 8000+ to 3,00,000)
  • 20 x Premium Guest Posts (DA 70+, DR 70+)
  • 20 x High DA Niche Guest Blogs
  • 20 x Blog Posts (Screenshot Report)
  • 10x CULT Links (DA 70+, DR 70+, VISITORS 50,000+)
  • 10x Almighty Links (PREMIUM SITES WITH TRAFFIC 100,000+)
  • 350+ High DA Diversified Backlinks & Additional Tier 2 Links

Jay and Lucy offer three main packages to suit your budget and needs:


Jacob from the United Kingdom, top-rated seller has completed over 15,600 orders with a 5-star rating. With 14 years of experience in the field of SEO .

 Jacob has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise, allowing him to provide effective SEO services to businesses worldwide. 

Jacob worked for one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies. He has since transitioned to directly helping businesses achieve their goals, leveraging his 14 years of experience in the field

Services Offered

Jacob provides a comprehensive white-hat link-building service, offering 150 manually built SEO backlinks. His service features include:

  • High DA Profile Links
  • Image Submission Links
  • Document Sharing Links
  • PPT Sharing Links
  • Audio Sharing Links
  • Business Citation Links (optional)

These services aim to improve your website’s search engine ranking and drive organic traffic, helping you reach a wider audience.


Jacob offers a single package for his link-building services, priced at $185. This package includes 150 white-hat SEO backlinks, manually built to ensure quality and effectiveness.


Top 6 Premium Backlinks 2024 [SAFE]

Deemiexpert from Pakistan is a top-rated seller with over 705 completed orders and a 5-star rating. With 5 years of experience in the SEO industry, this expert is well-equipped to tackle both on-page and off-page SEO tasks.

Why Choose Deemiexpert?

Deemiexpert’s services offer several key features that make him a top choice for your SEO needs:

  • 100% Google safe and white hat techniques: You won’t have to worry about your website being penalized by Google, as Deemiexpert employs only legitimate strategies.
  • Google penalty safe: Rest assured, your website’s ranking will be protected against any potential penalties.
  • Easily rank for certain keywords: Deemiexpert’s expertise helps you achieve higher rankings for your target keywords.
  • Boost in organic traffic: Watch your website’s organic traffic grow as a result of improved search engine visibility.
  • High authority, do-follow backlinks: Get high-quality, manual, do-follow backlinks that improve your website’s domain authority.
  • 100% manual work: Deemiexpert takes pride in providing personalized and handcrafted SEO services, ensuring top-notch results.

Deemiexpert’s SEO Packages

Basic Package – $50

Get your hands on 20 high authority SEO do-follow backlinks, all manually created to guarantee quality and effectiveness.

Standard Package – $110

Upgrade your SEO game with 45 high authority SEO do-follow backlinks, all manually built to enhance your website’s performance in search results

premium Pachage – $ 220

Top level Backlinks strategy get 100 High Authority SEO Dofollow Backlinks 100% Manual Link Building.


Miranda, a top-rated Fiverr seller from the United States with over 5,200 completed orders and a perfect 5-star rating. With over 11 years of experience in the world of SEO, Miranda has developed a unique and highly effective approach called the “LatticeWork Technique.”

About Miranda

Miranda has been living and breathing SEO for more than a decade. During her time in the industry, she has worked with various digital marketing agencies in Texas, wearing many hats and helping companies produce high-quality, ROI-driven campaigns. Miranda’s approach, known as the LatticeWork Technique, has been proven with over 300 enterprise-level and local businesses.

The LatticeWork Technique

The LatticeWork Technique focuses on improving Google rank relevancy and providing a strong foundation of tiered backlinks. Here’s a brief overview of what this technique entails:

  • White-hat SEO strategy
  • Contextual SEO backlinks
  • Public blogs and Web 2.0
  • Brand mention and social sharing
  • A mix of comment, forum, and file backlinks

Miranda’s Services on Fiverr

Miranda offers three different LatticeWork packages on Fiverr, catering to different levels of competition and keyword requirements:

Tin-LatticeWork (50 Backlinks)

Price: $95

This basic package is designed for low competition keywords and provides a strong foundation of relevancy and authority. The package includes 50 high DA authority backlinks and is suitable for up to 3 keywords.

Titanium-LatticeWork (100 Backlinks)

Price: $195

Ideal for medium competition keywords, the Titanium-LatticeWork package offers 100 strong backlinks from high DA websites. This package is suitable for up to 5 keywords.

Tungsten-LatticeWork (150 Backlinks)

Price: $295

The premium Tungsten-LatticeWork package is perfect for high competition keywords. It provides an ETA foundational LatticeWork technique with 150 high DA SEO backlinks and can accommodate up to 10 keywords.


What are the benefits of using premium backlinks services from Fiverr for my website’s SEO?

Using premium backlinks services from Fiverr offers several benefits, including improved search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, and higher domain authority. These services connect your website with high-quality, relevant websites, ensuring a strong and diverse backlink profile that search engines like Google appreciate.

How can the premium backlinks services on Fiverr improve my website’s organic search visibility in 2023?

Premium backlinks services on Fiverr help improve your website’s organic search visibility by creating high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in your niche. This boosts your website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines, leading to higher rankings and increased visibility.

Are the premium backlinks services on Fiverr cost-effective for improving my website’s domain authority and rankings?

Yes, premium backlinks services on Fiverr are cost-effective, as they provide a range of affordable options to improve your website’s domain authority and rankings. By leveraging these services, you can achieve better search engine performance without investing a fortune.

How do I choose the right premium backlinks service from Fiverr for my niche?

To choose the right premium backlinks service on Fiverr, consider the provider’s expertise, ratings, reviews, and previous work samples. Ensure that they have experience in your niche and can provide relevant, high-quality backlinks that will benefit your website’s SEO.

What is the role of high-quality backlinks in boosting my website’s search engine ranking, and how can Fiverr’s premium services help?

High-quality backlinks play a crucial role in boosting your website’s search engine ranking, as they serve as endorsements from other authoritative websites. Fiverr’s premium services help by building these valuable backlinks, signaling to search engines that your website is a trustworthy and credible source of information.

How do Fiverr’s premium backlinks services ensure that they are using only white-hat SEO techniques to avoid penalties from search engines?

Fiverr’s premium backlinks services prioritize white-hat SEO techniques, focusing on creating high-quality, relevant, and natural backlinks. They adhere to search engine guidelines and avoid manipulative practices, ensuring your website remains free from penalties.

Can I expect long-term benefits from using the premium backlinks services on Fiverr to improve my website’s search engine performance?

Yes, you can expect long-term benefits from using premium backlinks services on Fiverr to improve your website’s search engine performance. These services are designed to create high-quality, authoritative, and relevant backlinks, which are essential factors for long-term SEO success. By investing in top-tier backlinks services, you can boost your website’s domain authority, improve organic traffic, and increase your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

How do the premium backlinks services on Fiverr maintain a diverse and natural backlink profile for my website?

The premium backlinks services on Fiverr maintain a diverse and natural backlink profile for your website by utilizing a variety of link-building strategies. These strategies include guest posting, niche edits, blog commenting, social bookmarking, and more. By using a combination of these methods, the backlinks service providers create a well-rounded backlink profile that appears natural and organic to search engines. This diversity in link-building approaches helps to prevent potential search engine penalties and ensures a more stable and sustainable SEO growth.

What kind of customer support can I expect from Fiverr’s premium backlinks services while working on my website’s SEO?

You can expect excellent customer support from Fiverr’s premium backlinks services as you work on your website’s SEO. These top-rated service providers value customer satisfaction and typically offer prompt communication, comprehensive progress reports, and a willingness to address any concerns or questions you may have. Additionally, many of these services come with a satisfaction guarantee or a refund policy, ensuring that you get the results you expect or your money back.

How can I monitor the progress and success of my website’s SEO after using the premium backlinks services on Fiverr?

To monitor the progress and success of your website’s SEO after using the premium backlinks services on Fiverr, you can use various SEO tools and analytics platforms. Some popular options include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush. These tools help you track key metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, domain authority, and backlink growth. By monitoring these metrics, you can assess the effectiveness of your backlink campaign and make data-driven decisions to further optimize your website’s SEO performance.


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