Up to $300 Off Roborock Vacuums on Amazon + Free Shipping

November 20, 2023 | by Egpin

Up to $300 Off Roborock Vacuums on Amazon + Free
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person cleaning spilled milk off floor with roboroc vacuum

Got a robot vacuum on your wishlist?

Through November 27th or while supplies last, dash over to Amazon where you can score up to $300 off Roborock Robotic Vacuums as part of their Black Friday Sale! Plus, all these vacuums ship for free!

Roborock self-cleaning robot vacuums will make cleaning your home easier than ever. These pet-friendly vacuums deliver powerful suction that lifts dust and hair from floors and deep inside carpets. They also feature advanced motion tracking systems, so they know where they’ve already cleaned and which areas are no-go zones. Plus, you can set up a custom cleaning schedule in the app and use voice control to make sure your home is always clean – so easy and convenient!

Keeping your entire home clean will be a breeze with any of these powerful Roborock vacuums!

Check out these Roborock Vacuum deals…

black robo vacuum going over carpet

This Roborock Q5 is perfect for homes with uneven surfaces and lots of furniture. It utilizes precise LIDAR navigation and multilevel 3D mapping to clean your home efficiently. Plus, you can even customize the suction level for each area/floor of your home, and add No-Go Zones and Invisible Walls to block off certain areas. AND it features a runtime of 180 minutes which means it can clean your whole home in a single charge!

Got pets? No problem because this powerful vacuum uses max suction to easily pick up pet hair, dust, and finer dirt from hardwood floors and carpets. Even better, it connects to Alexa, Google Home, and Siri shortcuts to control your vacuum using just your voice!

black robot vacuum on floor with woman doing yoga in the background

This powerful dual-function cleaner vacuums and mops at the same time. The mop uses sonic mopping technology that scrubs up to 3,000 times per minute. AND it has an intelligent mop lifting feature that lifts the mopping pads when a carpet is detected and when finished cleaning to avoid spreading dirt and creating streaks. Plus, the multi-directional brush system keeps the brush closer to the ground allowing for a deep clean even on uneven surfaces.

The vacuum offers powerful suction and the rubber brush resists hair tangling, making it a great option for homes with pets! Even better, it automatically senses carpeting and boosts suction for a deeper clean. And, you can set up custom cleaning and no-go zones, choose which zone to clean, schedule cleaning times, and monitor all through the Roborock app.

roborock q5 vacuum with dock next to wall

This Q5+ Roborock Vacuum is the same as the Q5 with the added bonus of a self-emptying dock which means you can take even MORE of the dirty work out of vacuuming! When it’s full or the job is completed, the vacuum will return to its self-empty dock to empty the dustbin. The large dock can hold up to a whopping 7 weeks’ worth of dirt before you need to empty the bag.

roborock vacuum cleaning up dirt and food off floor next to dog

You’ll be able to move around your home with ease using this lightweight and cordless wet & dry vacuum cleaner that will have your floors shining in no time! It features multi-rollers that rotate in opposite directions to catch all the dirt and liquid at once and automatically adjust the cleaning power and water flow based on how dirty the floor is. It even has an LED indicator that tells you where the dirt is so you know where to focus your cleaning!

Even better, when you’re done cleaning, set your vacuum in the storage dock and start the self-cleaning mode, which also dries the brush rollers with hot air to avoid lingering odors.


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